About DataCrib

Third M Ventures, Inc, brought DataCrib to life in 2011 to support the backup needs of other ventures' customers. A search for carrier-class software to drive the product proved challenging. It needed to be cross-platform, extensible, capable of replication, and scalable to large numbers of clients and disk space.

The search turned up a number of potential partners, but was eventually won by Vembu. The Unix based server platform was a clear winner. Cross platform web interface satisfied the need for the client to look the same across all customer OS choices, the ability to brand (so we can offer franchise/whitelabel service in addition to a distinct DataCrib client), and the ability of the server to both replicate and cluster for scalability. Vembu also showed active development (four versions have been released in the past two years), a rich client featureset, and a rich API to integrate with our Billing system (www.billmax.com) and website for self-provisioning.

The resulting service is rock solid, with mirrored clusters in two geographically distinct data centers (thanks to SoftLayer - carrier class hosting company). Updates and new features are arriving roughly quarterly. In addition to the basic offsite storage and retrieval, DataCrib will be launching other disaster-recovery solutions aimed at Enterprise business such as cloud server infrastructure and shared diskspace.